The program committee will include researchers from the fields of Business Process Management, Information Systems and Organization Science.  


So far, we can confirm the following program committee members:

  • Wil van der Aalst (RHTW Achen)
  • Adriano Augusto (The University of Melbourne)
  • Markus Becker (University of Southern Denmark)
  • Iris Beerepoot (Utrecht University)
  • Nicholas Berente (University of Notre Dame)
  • Maria Booth (Stockholm School of Economics)
  • Thorvald Hærem (Norwegian Business School)
  • Kalle Lyytinen (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Christian Mahringer (University of Stuttgart)
  • Martin Matzner (University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Brian Pentland (Michigan State University)
  • Jan Recker (University of Cologne)
  • Christoph Rosenkranz (University of Cologne)
  • Stefan Seidel (University of Liechtenstein)
  • Inge van de Weerd (Utrecht University)
  • Verena Wolf (University of Paderborn)
  • Youngjin Yoo (Case Western Reserve University)